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About Us
We are a small family run business with 11 years’ industry experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and we offer a friendly, professional service. We turn up when we say we will, we are price competitive, and we do quality work.

We sell, install and service most brands of shutters across the Sydney Metropolitan areas and are willing to travel to regional NSW from time to time for an additional fee.

All of our work is guaranteed and we offer pensioners and seniors a discount.

Why Install Shutters in the First Place?
Shutters are an effective addition to your home or business. If installed and maintained correctly, they can increase the security of your home or business, giving you peace of mind. Shutters can also help with keeping the internal temperature within your home or business noticeably more comfortable. Shutters shield out the harsh rays of the sun and the winter cold. Roller shutters reduce the need for heating and cooling, keeping your power bills to a minimum and helping sustain a greener environment.

Shutters are functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing and can add real $$ value to your home. If you already have shutters installed, then you have made a great decision. If you do not currently have shutters, why not consider the points above and give us a call for an obligation free quote?

Sales and Installation
We can quote on the installation of new shutters and with our broad industry experience we can provide you real life advice on the best shutters for your particular needs. In most circumstances, we can make the process go from “quote to fully installed within a 2 week time frame”.

Service and Repair
Anything that moves requires servicing from time to time…. If your shutters aren’t working properly, then you lose all of the great benefits that they offer. Like anything, if you get a problem fixed as soon as it starts, then it can save you money in the long run. A minor repair can often be rectified quite cheaply, saving a more complex and more costly repair job in the future.

We undertake all levels of repair including minor and major repairs such as adjustments, strap changes, winders, springs, motors, individual slats and full curtain replacements. We can also convert your manual shutters to electric, motor driven systems.

If you just want peace of mind, we can perform a check, adjust and service to your existing shutters.
NOTE: Most shutters are repairable, but some individual brands are difficult or impossible to get parts for.

Anything exposed to the elements of nature will get dirty and tarnished.  We can make your old shutters look almost like new again with a professional clean and service.

The pictures on the left and top right show some dirty and weathered shutters that we removed from a house and thoroughly cleaned. The owner was delighted with the result as shown in the picture on the bottom right.

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